Join us for the 11th Annual Sahuarita Pecan Festival Nov. 9, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Festival will feature live entertainment, heritage demonstrations, a kid’s zone, food, and shopping—all in a lively and fun atmosphere.

The Sahuarita Pecan Festival is seeking vendors that will enhance the atmosphere of the Festival.


Please read this entire packet thoroughly, as there are several changes from our previous year’s policies.

  • Due to the event’s high popularity, spaces fill up quickly; vendors are strongly encouraged to submit their registration as soon as possible.
  • The deadline for ALL registrations for all areas will be Oct. 1, 2019. Festival staff will evaluate the registrations weekly and select based on the criteria below. We will notify vendors regarding acceptance decisions.
  • Please note that completing the registration is not a confirmation of acceptance.
  • Vendors must fill out the application completely, sign and return to us to be considered for space.
  • Most Festival communication is done via email. Please help ensure we can reach you by writing your email address clearly!
  • New vendor applications will be presented to a committee and are subject to approval according to criteria listed below.
  • All vendors are required to:
    • Pay within 30 days of application approval.
    • Submit Certificate of Insurance with Farmers Investment CO/ Green Valley Pecan Co. added as additional insured. Please refer to Insurance section for additional requirements.
    • Submit Pima County Health Department Permit if selling food.
    • Submit Town of Sahuarita business license, except non-profit.
  • All documentation must be received by Oct. 1, 2019
  • Failure to comply with any of the above, may result in losing your spot reservation, as it will be opened to others on the waiting list.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses to participate as booth attendees. Please contact Paula Beemer for sponsorship packet.
  • The Community Partners registration is limited to eight vendors. A community partner is a non-profit or fundraising group promoting its services.
  • It will be strictly prohibited to take down booth before 5 p.m. Failure to abide will forfeit the deposit.
  • Absolutely no refunds for no-shows or cancellations.
  • Presentation and booth quality – New vendors must send a photo (hard copy or digital) to demonstrate booth quality.


Health and Safety Deposit

Vendors are required to follow all the health and safety rules established by Festival staff. In order to ensure compliance with these rules, vendors will be required to provide a $100 deposit as part of their Festival application. If vendors comply with the rules, a $100 refund will be issued after the Festival. An ACH form is included in this packet if you prefer direct deposit. If a vendor violates any of the rules of the agreement, the deposit will not be returned, and vendor will not be asked back.

Leaving Festival Grounds Early is Prohibited

Driving a vehicle onto the Festival grounds causes a significant safety issue for attendees, volunteers and other vendors. Once the Festival starts, vendors will not be allowed to access the Festival grounds with their vehicles. There will be a “no vehicle” period following the close of the Festival to allow sufficient time for all attendees to exit the grounds. Any vendors that drive a vehicle on the Festival grounds early will forfeit their deposit. In order to maintain the integrity of the event and to respect other vendors, it is strictly prohibited to take down the booth before 5 p.m.

Loading Periods and Parking

Vendors will be given time to unload and load their vehicles before and after the Festival. During this time, vendors must be patient and follow the directions of Festival staff and SPD, who will be helping to direct vendor traffic. Any vendor causing a safety problem or not following instructions from the staff or SPD will forfeit their deposit. Once the unloading period ends, Festival vendors must move their vehicles to the designated vendor parking area.

Each vendor will be given ONE vendor parking pass for use during the event day. There is limited parking. Please use the pass for those that need access to their cars during the day. If you have volunteers coming to work that day and do not need to transport product, we ask that they park in lot south of Sahuarita Road.

You may acquire general parking passes for your volunteers. We have free shuttle parking available from Walden Grove High School and Sahuarita High School and $5.00 onsite parking. The parking proceeds benefit our many student groups and local organizations that help make the Festival a success. It is our biggest fundraiser for the Festival.

Pre-Festival Meeting

We will host a vendor meeting on Oct. 17, 2019, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Town of Sahuarita Council Chambers located at 315 W Sahuarita Center Way, Sahuarita, AZ 85629. We ask our vendors to attend to learn of changes to the Festival and ask questions during this time. Vendors receive their maps and parking passes at this meeting. If a vendor is unable to attend, a pre-festival phone consultation will be required. The meeting is important to ensure that vendors understand all applicable health and safety regulations.

Insurance, Sales Tax and Food Safety Requirements

All vendors participating in the Festival must have $1,000,000 of liability insurance. You will be required to name Farmers Investment Co./ Green Valley Pecan Company, P.O. Box 7, Sahuarita, AZ 85629 as additional insured. In the Description of Operations it should read as follows: “The Certificate holder is added as an additional insured with respect to our participation in the Sahuarita Pecan Festival per the attached endorsement.” The actual Additional Insured Endorsement must be attached.  General liability insurance procured by the vendor is primary and non-contributory.

Certificate must be received no later than Oct.1, 2019. If the vendor is unable to provide insurance, please contact Shannon Field (520-879-7423) to be included in the festival’s insurance policy. Please reference the fee schedule for cost.

Failure of Farmers Investment Co./Green Valley Pecan Company to identify a deficiency from certificates and forms that are provided by vendor shall not be construed as a waiver of vendors obligation to maintain such insurance.

Certificate of Insurance sample is included in this packet for your reference.

License must be submitted to us by Oct. 1, 2019

Business Licenses

Vendors must receive a Business License from the Town of Sahuarita; there is no charge for this license. The license may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office by calling (520) 822-8801, or you may fill out and submit the document online at:

Non-profit organizations do not need a business license.

License must be submitted to us by Oct. 1, 2019

Pima County Temporary Food Establishment License and Food Safety

Restaurant/food vendors (non-Licensed Mobile Food Units) must receive a Pima County Temporary Food Establishment License. This can be obtained from Pima County Health Department at (520) 724-7908 or at Pima County Health Department.

The Sahuarita Pecan Festival requires that ALL food vendors follow the Pima County Consumer Health and Safety policies and procedures. A valid Pima County Temporary Food Vendor certificate and Food Handlers Card must be provided to the Festival when applying.

Mobile Food Units must provide a copy of their Pima County Food Establishment License when submitting their application.

If you do not have a mobile food unit, you must comply with the Pima County Health Department’s Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines.

Copies of the current documents must be submitted to us by Oct. 1, 2019.

Sales Tax
Vendor is responsible for compliance with Arizona sales tax laws. Contact the Arizona Department of Revenue at 800-634-6494 for more information.

Booth Set Up/Safety/Inspection

Applicants are required to provide their own booth set-up. Booth set-up, signage and banners must be professional looking. The appearance of your booth is very important to the success of the Festival.

All vendors using tents must stake their tents (Marketplace area) or use sandbags. Prior to the start of the Festival, there will be a safety inspection to make sure all canopies are properly weighted.

Booth Clean-Up/Check-Out

Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their booth space area. Vendors that leave garbage, boxes or debris in their booth space at the end of the Festival will forfeit their deposit. Festival staff will determine if the vendor has satisfactorily complied with Festival rules and regulations.  Deposit reimbursements will be issued the week after the festival.

Weather Policy

The Festival will occur, regardless of inclement weather. All vendors should come prepared to manage their booths in the event of rain or wind. The only exception is if the Festival organizers determine the weather to be a safety threat. If weather, major disaster or other circumstances beyond the control of the Festival organizers cause the cancellation of the Festival, fees will not be returned. FICO cannot be held liable by exhibitors for the failure of the event to take place or damage to products or structures. You may check the Sahuarita Pecan Festival website at on the morning of the event if you are unsure of weather conditions.


Vendor Type Cost
Application Fee $0
Artist & Craft $130
Pre-Packaged Food $150
Premium Location –  add $15. (Two open sides and midway) $15
Community Partner – non-profit. (Limited to 8 vendors) $75
Restaurant/Food Truck – electricity not included. For the first 200 square feet (10’x10′ space) $200
Add $0.35 per square foot in excess of 200 square feet $0.35
Opt-in for insurance (required if you do not have your own policy) $70
Electricity (select this option if you need electricity for your setup) $30
Required! Refundable health & safety deposit $100

Payment Information:

Do not submit payment with the application.  Once your submission is accepted, we will contact you with further instructions.  Please be sure your contact information is accurate.