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Pecan Farm in the News

Green-Valley-Pecan-AM12Recently, Laurie Merrill from the Arizona Republic wrote an article about Green Valley Pecan Co. The home to the nuttiest festival in Arizona! The article provides some interesting facts about what has been going on the in the nut world.

Pecan farm in southern Ariz. enjoying high nut prices

Everybody’s going nuts these days. In a good way. Shoppers around the world are embracing their health benefits. Demand is growing, especially in a more prosperous China.

And as the holiday season approaches, many of us will indulge in a homemade pecan pie.

In Arizona, growers of both pecans and pistachios are benefiting as prices of the tree nuts soar.

In the past 10 years, pecan prices have swelled from $3 a pound to $5.40. Pistachio prices have doubled, to $5.50 a pound from $2.25.

The state is home to the Green Valley Pecan Co. in Sahuarita, one of the largest pecan farms in the world. Arizona growers seeking to cash in have recently planted new orchards in Cochise County.

Arizona ranks as the fourth-largest pecan-producing state in the nation and is on track to double production to about 40 million pounds in 2025.

Land values, drought and economic downturns for decades reduced the number of pecan farms in Arizona from several dozen to a handful. But the Green Valley Pecan Co. has been farmed with steady success by the same family for three generations. [Read full article]